Why a Regular Maintenance is Needed for Plastic Injection Machine

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Wednesday June 16, 2021

A regular maintenance ensures the maximum performance of the plastic injection machine; it increases a safety usage, increase machine efficiency and prolongs the shelf life, as well as reduces the waste.

What the Maintenance is For

Considering as a significant task, a maintenance not only extends the years of services, but also sustains the availability to the machine, giving a smooth manufacturing process and multiplying the growth of the business.

Plastic Injection Machine Maintenance

Electrical Part Maintenance

Make sure that the electrical wires and connectors are in place firmly. Inspect the external wiring by grouping the electrical wires. Beware of the water leaking into the electrical control cabinet while changing the mold or molding with a coolant hose connected. The temperature of the electrical control cabinet should be monitored as to prevent the heat from damaging other parts.

Hydraulic Maintenance

The key in hydraulic maintenance is controlling the temperature of the hydraulic oil or its contaminations at the suggested level as this helps extend the machine shelf life. Another important key is a regular cleaning of coolant to enhance the capability of oil cooling system and oil filter equipment as well as changing oil constantly.

Clamping Unit Maintenance

Daily lubricant oil is necessary for a well performed of clamping unit. Avoid a mold that is too small or too big as it may damage clamps or shaft.

Injection System Maintenance

The cylinder and screws in the injection system should be cleaned constantly, both after use or when changing color or material.

Preventive Maintenance with X PURGE

X PURGE, a purging compound for screw and barrel is recommended to clean the contaminants and maintain the machine cleaned, ready for the continuous manufacturing of qualified products that satisfy the end users with the on-time procurement.

Soaking X PURGE in the machine reduces the chance of machine wear out. By replacing X PURGE after the job completes, the compounds provide thin layer to the screw and barrel after cleaning, preventing the remaining corrosive raw materials which made from high attrition process; for example, glass fiber compound or deteriorate material which releases erosive substance such as polyvinylchloride that damage screws.

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In conclusion, X PURGE reduces time spent for machine cleaning as it decreases the remaining and chances of stains which would take considerable amount of time and labor to get rid of as the machine must be dissembled and cleaned each part of it. Therefore, X PURGE is highly recommended as it is the perfect choice for a long-term maintenance of the machine.