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Monday March 14, 2022

Plastic production processes

Machine cleaning assistant with the new grade purging compound X PURGE PX319

Plastic production in the plastics industry changes the shape of granules by softening and melt plastic pellets with heat or compressing to get the prefabricated plastic. There are various plastic molding processes depending on application and type of plastic. To get the plastic finished products, the different molding processes are as follows.

Injection molding process

More than 70% of daily used plastic products are made using injection molding. The process is to put the plastic pellets in the machine through heat until they are melted and soft. The machine injects molten plastic into the mold and after getting time to cool down, the plastic parts will result accordingly.

Extrusion molding process

Extrusion molding is the method of melting plastic inside an extruder by using heat, shear, and pressure. After that, the plastic will be pushed into the to the desired form.

For some factories, it is necessary to form the product within a closed area or an industrial clean room that requires much hygiene with controlling the amount of dust particles and contaminants; make it not exceed the specified level. This includes controlling the auxiliary elements, such as air speed, temperature, pressure, and relative humidity level of the air in that room. There are many concerns about the use of odor and fumed products, such as cap and closure manufacturing automobile manufacturing industry, electronic device manufacturing industry, and others.

In response to the concerns from customers, X PURGE has developed and improved a new level of purging compound, X PURGE PX319, which is recognized by its low smoke and smell, has the ability to clean machines rapidly and efficiently. This reduces the downtime of machines and maximizes its great performance.