GC, The Manufacturer and Distributor of Plastic Pellet, Resin and Polymer

PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC) delivers chemical products to a wide range of customers. This includes plastic compounds, resins and polymers that are converted into various plastic products.

GC supports research & development to bring value-added plastic products to market. These are strategic way to strengthen GC’s competitive advantages and maintain leadership, to ensure that our products meet customer’s requirements and create a better society through advanced innovations.

Material Library

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A center of informative materials of GC Group and partners which includes both from domestic and international.

InnoPlus แบรนด์จาก GC ผู้ผลิตเม็ดพลาสติกเรซิ่น โพลิเมอร์ HDPE, LLDPE, mLLDPE, LDPE, PET
PlastMate บริษัทเม็ดพลาสติกคอมพาวด์
InnoEco เป็นเครื่องหมายการค้าที่จดทะเบียนโดย บริษัท เอ็นวิคโค จำกัด
ผลิตภัณฑ์ Diarex จากผู้ผลิตและจำหน่ายเม็ดพลาสติก PS
X-PURGE แบรนด์เม็ดพลาสติกคอมพาวนด์เพื่อทำความสะอาดกระบอกและสกรูจากบริษัทขายเม็ดพลาสติก GC
InnoSis แบรนด์จาก GC จำหน่ายเม็ดพลาสติกโพลีเอทิลินเพื่อธุรกิจ
Genix โพลีออล์ ผลิตและจำหน่ายโดย GC Polyols บริษัทในเครือ GC บริษัทผลิตเม็ดพลาสติก
THAIOL ผลิตภัณฑ์แฟตตี้แอลกอฮอล์ที่จดทะเบียนโดย GGC บริษัทในเครือ GC ผู้ผลิตเม็ดพลาสติก

About CSC

Customer Solution Center by GC or CSC is a centralized management and service center for customers and partners. We bridge the gap among all related stakeholders in value chain such as interpreting the brand owners requirement to manufacturers. Services of CSC also include:



Bridging internal/external technical and technology knowhow and connecting a network of value chain partners to provide the solution for customer’s demand



Developing the material and customized design of finished product and identifying the alternative and the suitable material for prototyping and commercialize scale



Business matching, marketing and promoting the produce under the collaboration in order to create awareness and market demand

Material Label

To promote increased awareness among consumers and create a positive brand image for GC’s customers (converter and brand owner) that use GC’s material products with their high standards, GC created a label certifying that the manufacturers’ products and packaging use plastics pellets from GC. This demonstrates a commitment to develop various innovative products, not only for environmentally-friendly but also for increasing performance to products. This is to build confidence to user and add value to products and packaging. These labels are for the exclusive use of GC’s end manufacturers to help communicate the benefits of their products and packaging in the market, as well as for other marketing communications purposes.

News and Marketing Activities

Circular Living Shop

Gc circular living shop is a store that sells products to support sustainable use of plastics according to the Circular Economy concept.

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