Olefins is an organic chemical compound comprised of hydrocarbons, especially Ethylene and Propylene. Made from Ethane, Propane, Naphtha and Gasoline that are composed in natural gas and crude oil.

PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC), core business is manufacturing and distributing Olefins products to our downstream petrochemical plants and other industrial plants. The company’s Olefins plants use Natural Gas and Naphtha as feedstock, allowing for flexibility in raw material use. Four plants - have a combined production capacity of 2,988,000 tons per year*.

GC’s Olefins plants have the capacity to provide by-product including pyrolysis gasoline, which is used to produce Aromatics, as well as Mixed C4, Tail Gas, Cracker Bottom, and Hydrogen. The synergy of our refining facility and Aromatics plants adds to the value of these by products.

Mixed C4 by-product yield higher value by delivering Butadiene and Butene-1 solutions. Butadiene production of 75,000 tons and Butene-1 production of 25,000 tons annually. All of these products can be further developed and used as a substrate for a diverse range of downstream industries such as packaging, apparel, home furnishings, automotive, and electronic parts.

* As of July 2020