High performance Non-VOCs and green solvent for water-based decorative paint performs well in all types of latex paints like acrylic, styrene-acrylic, etc., in a variety of weather conditions, and over substrates with different levels of porosity.

With function of increasing open time, wet edge over a range of conditions, freeze thaw stability and anti-skinning in water-based decorative paint and has no significant interference effect on paint properties including viscosity, pH, color development/film properties like dirt pick up, gloss, hardness, scrub resistance, washability, water resistance and mud cracking resistance.

Decorative paint for building with durability from various conditions has elastic properties to the surface, prevent water leakage, resistant to both external and internal fungi and easy to clean Some decorative paints can also help reflect the heat in order to save the energy of the cooler. And the color is odorless Non-toxic, safe for residents.

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