GC is particularly strong in developing innovative and sustainable material for packaging. We offer flexible, rigid in both food and industrial packaging with GMP and HACCP standard that ensures product quality while encouraging sustainability.



It is the bag for heavy duty product such as rice or sugar including plastic pellets which its wright starting from 25 kg.

Combine high impact and seal strength to reduce the risks of breakage. Heavy duty bag are used for goods such as food, fertilizer, petrochemical products.

GRADE : InnoPlus LL7810D, LL7810A, LL7910A, LL7910D

Excellent tensile and dart impact strength properties with downgauging film.

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GRADE : InnoPlus LL7410A, LL7410D, LL7410D1, LL7410D2, LL7610A, LL7610D1

MFR = 1 g./10 min. and density = 0.921 g./cm3 . It is a LLDPE with butene comonomers, with high content of slip and antiblock, which is designed for producing general purpose films, liners, heavy duty films, food packaging and agricultural films. This grade offers the good machinability, tensile strength, elongation, toughness and puncture strength. It is available for blown film processing.

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GRADE : InnoPlus LD2420F, LD2420D

MFR = 0.75 g./10 min. and density = 0.922 g./cm3 . It is LDPE which is designed for heavy duty films, agricultural films, shrink films, tubes and small extrusion blow molding containers. This grade offers easy processabitily, good balance of mechanical and optical properties.


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