GC is particularly strong in developing innovative and sustainable material for packaging. We offer flexible, rigid in both food and industrial packaging with GMP and HACCP standard that ensures product quality while encouraging sustainability.



Shrink films is used to wrap single products or several products together when the film was heat.

Potential product for shrink film include bundle-packaging of beverages (such as water, soft drinks and sport drinks) and home and personal care (such as baby food, food cans and non-food cans including shampoos, liquid soaps)

GRADE : InnoPlus LL7903A, LL7905A, LL7910A

Films typically exhibit good toughness and good shrink properties as well as machinability on processing lines.

GRADE : InnoPlus LD2420F, LD2420D, LD2420H

Excellent processability for increased extruder outputs, good balance of mechanical and properties, exceptional clarity and gloss.

GRADE : InnoPlus LL7410A, LL7610A

MFR = 1 g./10 min. and density = 0.918 g./cm3 . It is a LLDPE with butene comonomers which is designed for producing general purpose films, liners, heavy duty films, food packaging and agricultural films. This grade offers the good machinability, tensile strength, elongation, toughness an puncture strength. It is available for blown film processing.

GRADE : InnoPlus HD3355F

MFR = 1.1 g./10 min. and density 0.951 g./ cm3 . It has well balance property of optical property, mechanical property and processability. The special characteristic of this grade consists of low gel content, stiffness and packing property. This grade is suitable for high quality film, laminated film, produced by co-extrusion process.


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